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The Doner kebab is often referred to as the "healthiest fast food" ever. In our opinion, there is even something to it, but even more interesting for us is the aspect of whether a doner kebab in terms of bodybuilding and muscle building can be described as beneficial. Since the muscle building depends on a corresponding diet, it should be correct. Whether you believe the saying "Doner makes more beautyful" in terms of fitness, fat loss, muscle building & Co. or whether the doner kebab is simply a fat-rich calorie bomb, we will now shed more light on this.

Doner Kebab and Muscle Building

Doner muscle building

Most popular is the "Doner Kebab after training". Basically, however, you have to differentiate more or less between two requirements. In fitness and bodybuilding, a distinction is usually made between a mass phase and a definition phase. While you want to build up a lot of muscle in the mass phase and this happens mainly through a calorie surplus, it is in the definition phase primarily to the fat loss or the loss of a few kilos, which then expresses itself in the form of a calorie deficit.

Since the Doner Kebab is a decent portion with about 600-800kcal, the kebab is more of a meal to associate with the mass phase (and thus should be the exception in the definition phase). Who makes no difference between these two "phases" and only trained to stay fit and build a few muscles, we may in our opinion, visit the kebab shop from time to time. The more detailed analysis of what nutritional values the Doner Kebab is made of and how to estimate it, that's what follows.

Doner Kebab Ingredients for building muscle

doner bad for muscle building doner and bodybuilding doner muscle building

Doner Kebab and Bodybuilding - The ingredients in an overview

Of course, each kebab is a bit different from the other and so it depends on the individual provider, but a doner kebab is usually always the same structure. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the individual components.

The Doner Kebab Bread

Mostly the bread at the doner kebab consists of a flatbread, which is crisply "seared" before preparing the doner kebab. The flat bread consists mostly of carbohydrates and contains very little fat and protein. In general, one should pay attention to the freshness here, which normally tastes directly when consumed.

The Doner Kebab meat

Doner Kebab meat is probably the most interesting in terms of muscle building and bodybuilding. Depending on the type of meat, there is always plenty of protein, but often also a lot of fat. If you have a choice of different types of meat, such as chicken or veal, then you should (if you are careful) choose the poultry, as the meat is lower in fat. In some kebabs, unfortunately, there are also flavor enhancers or the like, which does not really need to be contained here. If you are unsure here, you can ask the seller, who has to provide you with legal information.

Doner muscle building

Salad, Cabbage, Vegetables, Onions & Co.

You do not have to worry about focusing on nutritional values ​​and calories. Again, the products should be fresh to ensure the best taste and best quality ingredients & co. You can not expect that your doner seller uses only organic products from the region, but he should definitely be able to offer you a certain amount of freshness and quality. In the classic doner kebab you can expect tomatoes, lettuce, onions and cabbage in addition to meat and bread. Depending on the provider, there are sometimes very many choices, ranging from cucumbers over corn to paprika and more.

The Doner Sauce

With the meat, the sauce is likely to be the "most dangerous" ingredient when it comes to calories and thus the fat or sugar content. Since most suppliers are less concerned with the health aspect, but more about the flavor of the Doner Kebab, the ingredients or nutritional values ​​are also expressed accordingly. Your kebab shopper prepares the sauce himself or offers you various choices. Again, our recommendation is to ask the seller locally for a low-fat option (often it's the yoghurt dressing).

Additional Extras In The Kebab

The range of extras is now quite large and the providers are also always come up with new things. The most popular extra ingredients in Doner Kebab are definitely sheep's cheese or pizza cheese. Although these ingredients contain a lot of protein, but as much fat. We advise you in terms of fat loss rather from these extras, in the mass phase speaks in principle nothing against one of these extras.

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Conclusion - Kebab For Muscle Building

The Doner Kebab, in our opinion, is a great way to meet his fast food needs in moderation. Depending on where you are currently (such as mass phase, definition phase), you have additional options to make the kebab something "cleaner" and thus less fat.

Nutritional Facts Doner Kebab

Since a kebab but about 600-800kcal has (about 40-60g protein, 30-50g carbohydrates & 20-30g fat) and this is therefore not very little, the kebab can cause problems especially in the definition phase. Depending on gender, height and body weight, the daily calorie intake during the definition phase is around 1400-2500kcal. In extreme cases, the kebab makes up half of the daily daily intake of calorie

In conclusion, we are nevertheless convinced that the Doner Kebab for building muscle and, in general, for the topic of bodybuilding & fitness is a good alternative. However, if you really take the nutrition seriously, you should avoid the doner kebab and thus generally any fast food, because you only get around the high fat content in very few cases. Of course you can also prepare the kebab yourself at the end of the day and buy the necessary ingredients in the supermarket & Co. So you know exactly what ingredients and nutritional values ​​your kebab has. In general, we advise against the daily consumption of kebab (at least the "non-homemade" variant), as a balanced diet should be the basis of any diet.

Doner Kebab and everything you need to know about it

In this video you will learn everything you need to know about the kebab and you can then decide for yourself whether the kebab fits into your bodybuilding diet.

Doner Kebab Recipe For Bodybuilding

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If you are in the defiphase, this doner kebab recipe is just right for you.

Doner Kebab Recipe For Muscle Building

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Proteins for muscle building

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Meinsch du nach Training Döner Kebbap besser als Proteine Shake ?