Keone Pearson wins Mr Olympia 2023 (212)

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Keone Pearson wins Mr Olympia 2023 (212)

Keone Pearson Mr Olympia 2023 (212)

Photo: instagram/keone_prodigy

Keone Pearson is the new Mr. Olympia 212 champion. Check out the rankings of the most important bodybuilding competition of the year here.

Keone Pearson is the Mr Olympia 2023 (212) winner

Keone Pearson Mr Olympia 2023 (212)

Photo: instagram/keone_prodigy

During the preliminary decision, Keone Pearson and Shaun Clarida fought an intense duel, and the final was also characterized by high tension. Clarida's impressive musculature stood out among his competitors. With exceptional muscle definition and one of the hottest forms of all the contestants, Clarida impressed with an unforgettable posing routine.

At the same time, Keone Pearson struggled to maintain the momentum he had gained in the preliminary round. Pearson's body shape and aesthetics played a crucial role in his success on stage. Finally, he secured his first men's 212 bodybuilding Olympic title and emerged victorious.

Mr. Olympia 2023 (212) Results

These are the rankings of the Mr. Olympia 2023 212 results:

1. Place - Keone Pearson  $50,000

2. Place - Shaun Clarida  $20,000

3. Place - Angel Calderon Frias  $10,000

4. Place - Kerrith Bajjo  $6,000

5. Place - Ahmad Ashkanani  $4,000

6. Place - Oleh Kryvyi

7. Place - Nasser Mohamed 

8. Place - Andrei Melnikov 

9. Place - Fabrizio de Souza Moreira

10. Place - Felipe Moraes

Cover photo: instagram/keone_prodigy

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