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Since the classic strength training in the gym after a certain time may seem a bit boring or you may even in principle developed interest in other training forms or plans, we'll tell you today about a very special training in the field of the Bundeswehr. The Bundeswehr has various units, one of the most well-known being the KSK unit, which is a special military unit. KSK stands for "Special Forces Command" and primarily pursues the main areas of application of the Enlightenment, combating terrorism, rescue, evacuation, salvage, command warfare and military advice.

KSK Training Plan - Comparable to Bodybuilding or Strength Training?

But why do we write a blog article about the KSK training plan? The strength training, which is intended to the pure muscle, can often be very dull despite the many variations and sometimes boring. In addition, the antrainieren of exclusively muscle mass is not exactly useful if you look at the functional aspect. Although you have a certain power, but in the end do not know how to use them functionally and looks against a real strength athlete, who looks a bit weaker at first glance, quite old.

Therefore, we show you different training plans that you can integrate into your training and thus can also acquire functional aspects. You can do this for example Also read our blog article about Crossfit and test suitable exercises. Since the KSK training plan does not really aim at a lot of muscle mass, it is perfect for fat loss thanks to the combination of endurance and strength exercises.

But why does the KSK unit in their training plan not work on large muscle peaks, as you may know from films of the Navy Seals from America (which in reality not quite the muscle protagonists from well-known films are likely to)? As already mentioned, it is primarily by far the function of the body, which can act quickly as quickly as possible and without loss of time. In battle, every gram of superfluous body weight is useless. Thus, the KSK training plan focuses on endurance and flexibility.

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KSK Training - Admission and Application

Before we look at a specific training plan of the KSK unit or put our focus on a training session of the KSK, we clarify for you the following question. How do I actually become part of this unit? Is the selection procedure easy to get through or is it really just the elite that comes into the KSK unit?

Basically, you have to bring along different key qualifications that you master in your sleep. These would be, for example, a lot of ambition, an incredible will and many more such as perseverance, readiness, concentration and self-control. However, you can not simply apply to the KSK, but must have previously gone through a certain basic training of the Bundeswehr. Here, the two individual training courses 1 and 2 are needed in particular. To pass the selection process, you must be able to complete the following training sessions at the KSK:

  • Obstacle course in the field suit and helmet in 1h 40min
  • five pull-ups in the Ristgriff with hanging out
  • 7km off-road including 20kg weight in 52 minutes
  • 500m swimming in 13 minutes
  • Pass physical fitness test with at least 20 points
  • a multi-day endurance unit

Anyone wishing to apply to the KSK must submit the following documents:

Completed application form, which can be obtained from the KSK recruitment office or as a sample form from the message PersFü Heer / San Sachgebiet 13, Nr. 1301 (GAIP 34-06-00). Of these, one copy each goes to the personnel-processing office and the personnel recruitment squad KSK via the disciplinary superior.

A rejection can of course be made for the following reasons

  • missing remaining service time
  • Exceeding the age limit
  • negative result of the security clearance stage 1 (Ü1)

In the case of criminal history or disciplinary proceedings, the commander of the KSK decides on a case-by-case basis

To meet these requirements, of course, there is no way around sufficient to prepare. First and foremost, there should be enough room for endurance units in your training plan for the KSK preparation. But you also need a certain strength, which you can best acquire in the gym with a strength training. Certainly, as a KSK candidate, it also makes sense to practice martial arts and master well. If you have mental strength and fulfill the criteria listed above, then you could make it into the KSK unit.

There is of course not the end of the training, but the KSK training starts then really and resting is not big on the agenda. In order to be fit and to be able to call top performance in the missions, the KSK training plan provides for a tough training program. Since we have the opportunity to get a little insight into the KSK training plan or we could get an impression of the KSK training, we now introduce you to a typical daily routine in the KSK unit including training sessions.

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KSK Training Plan

Before the breakfast comes on the table in the morning, is a first endurance unit on the program. This includes, for example, a running unit of 6km, a subsequent swimming exercise of 200m and 50 situps and 50 pushups. Most of us would already be available for the day after this KSK training session, but this was only the beginning of a normal day at the KSK unit.

Afterwards, breakfast will be served, followed by a first snack after a short break. After another short break, lunch is still served (these breaks are not given daily, read more in the text). Now it is getting serious again. After lunch we continue with Military Fitness. This unit includes various strength exercises combined with a lot of stamina that is kept as functional as possible. So here are exercises such. a forest run, tree trunks, an obstacle park tour and more.

After another snack, a 12km long march with 15kg of luggage takes place, which is not only incredibly exhausting, but must also be completed within a maximum of 1.5 hours. After this unit, a classic strength training in the weight room then takes place. Then the dinner is served.

In order to get a balance and also to strengthen the social cohesion, a sports unit takes place after dinner according to your preferences. There are, for example, martial arts, athletics, football and of course more. The day is then completed by a last snack.

As mentioned above, there were still relatively many breaks before lunch, but these are filled every two days with additional running and power units. So units like swimming or extra marches are possible.

As you can see, the KSK training plan is surrounded by many meals. With such a high level of training a proper, correct nutrition is indispensable. Otherwise, the KSK unit will not be able to get its best performance. Who wants to accomplish such a high performance for which there is no way past a special and thoughtful nutrition.

The KSK training plan described here corresponds to an exemplary day, as it can typically run in the Bundeswehr in the KSK troop. Since the troupe must of course be flexible, it is about as many combinations of different exercises, in order to be perfectly prepared in case of emergency. However, we think that this gives you a good idea of ​​what matters in KSK training and what awaits you as long as you play with the idea of ​​serving the KSK unit.

More power for KSK training with creatine

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Course of the EFV I (aptitude test procedure I)

The EVF I lasts one week and always takes place in the 2nd and 4th quarter. If you apply, you should have the following documents and evidence with you. The respective proofs must not be older than 4 weeks. If the evidence is deficient or older than 4 weeks, this necessarily leads to the resignation of the applicant.

  • Personnel file (Nebenakte)
  • G-file with the proofs 90/5 parachute suitability and "Survival and Striking KSK" (including stress ECG with 3 watts per kg weight)
  • Confirmation of acceptance of the required services was allowed to the Disciplinary Supervisor.

Content of EFV I (aptitude assessment procedure I)

The aim of the EFSA I is to test the suitability of candidates for training and use as a commando, and in particular for participation in EFSA II. The training and test center of the KSK checks the following

  • Basic Fitness
  • Skydiving willingness
  • Teamwork ability
  • Ability to learn and willingness to lear

The sports test consists of

  • the PFT (Physical Fitness Test) with at least 3 points in each individual discipline
  • 500 m swimming in 15 minutes max
  • 5 Pull-ups in the Rist Grip with hanging
  • flawless overcoming the obstacle course in the field suit with helmet and gloves in at most 1:40 min

The willingness to jump is proved by

  • a jump out of the parachute jump tower (12m height)

The psychological aptitude test consists of

  • the CAT (Computer Assisted Test)
  • a psychological selection test under the direction of a troop psychologist

The psychological selection procedure compares the candidates within their grade group.

PFT (Physical Fitness Test)

The PFT consists of 5 test tasks, each of which can yield up to 6 points. The minimum requirement for EFV I is 3 points test assignment and a total of 20 points

  • Pendulum run 4 x 9 m
  • Pushups
  • Sit-Ups
  • Standing long jump

On average, about two-thirds of the participants are EFV I. Of the participants who do not succeed, fail:

  • a third of the athletic conditions
  • two-thirds of the psycholgical competition

ksk training plan preparation ksk trainingsplan

Conclusion to the KSK training plan

The KSK training offers a strong contrast to conventional training plans, as you know, for example, from the gym. The combination of endurance and power units is a heavy burden on the body, which is why one should have great respect for the performance of the KSK unit. If you feel bored with everyday life in the gym or at home, you can read through these exercises and incorporate one or the other unit in your weekly training. As always, we look forward to your constructive feedback on this blog article about the KSK training plan and wish you lots of fun trying it out.

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