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Spirulina Algae as food supplements are by no means unknown. Already, countless years ago, entire peoples used the addition of Spirulina.
You do not know about Spirulina at all and would like to know more about it? This is not a problem. In this short text, we have gathered important information on Spirulina for you, including questions about the use, intake and storage of Spirulina.

Spirulina Alge

Spirulina is a genus of cyanobacteria, which in the past were also often referred to as blue algae. Spirulina algae are present in both salt and fresh water.

Spirulina effect

In general, the spirulina consists of algae of about 60% protein, which is a considerable proportion. In addition, they are rich in some important fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements. Because of the ingredients, spirulina are claimed to promote health and immune system-promoting effects, e.g. In digestion, alleviation of allergies, protection from diseases and the like.
In the case of the ingredients, it must be noted that the protein content is very high, but the total amount of protein fed thereby remains rather small due to the low (recommended) daily dosage. The contained vitamin B12 is also very high dosage, but can not be utilized by the human body to about 80%. Nevertheless, it is very rare for a plant food that it contains vitamin B12. It was still until recently still the assumption that it does not exist.

Spirulina use

Spirulina is mainly used in the food supplements industry. The corresponding preparations, which are available for purchase, are generally available in three different versions: powder, capsules or pressings. In addition, spirulina is used, for example, in animal feedstuffs or veterinarians.

Spirulina powder

The consumption of Spirulina is mainly dependent on the product you want to consume. Since, as already mentioned, there are different forms (powders, capsules, pellets, etc.) of Spirulina, there is therefore no general-purpose answer.
In general: Keep to the manufacturer's recommended data, which is usually indicated on the packaging of the product. These data are usually not shown without reason. For example, there may also be differences between men and women or different age groups in the intake recommendation.

Storage of Spirulina products

As a rule, the recommended storage of spirulina is also noted on the respective product. Also keep to the manufacturer's instructions, which gives the recommendations for storage in a professional manner.

Instructions for taking Spirulina

In the case of a healthy person, the use of Spirulina products should normally be harmless in the usual and above all recommended quantities and may instead promote positive effects, as already mentioned in the text. If you still have any concerns with the use of Spirulina, this article can of course not replace a visit to the doctor or pharmacist and do not guarantee the correctness. We can not therefore accept liability.
If you have any questions about Spirulina, then we are always there for you and give our best to help you with your request. We are always at your disposal for other questions.