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AAKG (amino acids)

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AAKG Arginine-Alpha-Keto-Glutarate buy at American Supps

Application area: No medical application area

Hoped-for effect: Improved nutrient transport, muscle building, fat loss, improved pumps even without training, increased growth hormone release

Proven effect: increase of the pumps in the trained muscles, insulinogenic effect, relief of erectile dysfunction

Side effects: Rarely, unwanted erections, flushes (hot flashes) and blushing

Dosage range and duration of use: 3-12g per day, divided into several small doses of 3g each

Natural occurrence: arginine and alphaketoglutarate do not come naturally in this combination

What is AAKG Arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate?

Arginine is a non-essential amino acid for adults, while arginine-alphaketoglutarate can be called "arginine with a turbo charger". By combining it with alphaketoglutarate, the effect of arginine is significantly increased and its bioavailability is also increased considerably. But what does arginine alpha packetoglutarate actually do?

AAKG arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate effect

AAKG Arginine-Alpha-Keto-Glutarate

Anyone who regularly reads American bodybuilding magazines will probably not have been able to avoid one term: NO - Nitric Oxide or nitrogen oxide. After new types of creatine and thermogenic fat burners, here is another supplement that has been marketed extremely aggressively in recent years. Improved nutrient transport, muscle building, fat loss and improved pumps even without training - there is hardly a bodybuilding goal that cannot be achieved with AAKG. At least that's how advertising wants us to believe. However, the advertising wanted to tell us before that Smilax increases testosterone levels, carnitine burns fat and Cystoseira Canariensis blocks our myostatin production.

So what's the deal with AAKG supplements?

Well, in order to understand the context, something has to be explored at this point. As an enthusiastic and informed bodybuilder, you have probably heard the term "nitric oxide". Some amino acids are said to stimulate the production of this nitric oxide, including arginine. By increasing nitric oxide production with the intake of arginine, increased muscle building should take place Blood vessels widen, more nutrient-rich blood can circulate and the muscles are supplied with important building materials. According to advertising, this effect is said to be so pronounced that taking it alone gives you such a pump as if you had just trained with high repetitions Even suggests a permanent pump that should last all day long and make the muscles burst. This claim is justified with a blood thinning induced by the intake of arginine, which - how could it be otherwise - of course should have the said effects. If you think that this is all, then h get old: taking AAKG is also supposed to boost growth hormone production. The growth hormone is newly formed by the body every day and among other things causes an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fat tissue. Compare the professional bodybuilders of the past, when growth hormone abuse was not so widespread, with those of today, each of whom eats huge amounts each day. Today's athletes are not only heavier, but also a lot tougher. Growth hormone is considered the "holy grail" in bodybuilding. Unfortunately, it requires a prescription and is not exactly cheap. But why inject expensive synthetic growth hormone if you can easily get oral AAKG? Very simple: Because synthetic growth hormone works - AAKG doesn't!

Although arginine does not have a low growth hormone-releasing effect, the body compensates for an artificial increase over time by simply reducing its own production or even completely stopping it. A supplement that, like AAKG, only slightly increases the growth hormone level, will only replace the in-house production. The situation is completely different with the synthetically produced injectable growth hormone, which is usually used from four international units per day - which corresponds to about four times the value of natural production. It does not matter here whether the body stops producing itself, as the artificially administered dose compensates for this with ease and on top of that increases it considerably.

AAKG arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate for the pump

AAKG Arginine-Alpha-Keto-Glutarate

But at least there will be something to the propagated pumping effect, right? If you expect an improved pump during training, arginine or AAKG will not disappoint you. However, if you go to work with the idea of ??taking an AAKG tablet on Friday evening and then If you have to show up at the disco, you will be immensely disappointed. AAKG won't make you look more pumped up, plumper or veined. At this point the advertising lies, as it often does. So is arginine or AAKG useless? No not really. What is less well known is that high doses of arginine have an insulinogenic effect, i.e. stimulate insulin production. This effect is advantageous after training, for example, when you consume your post-workout shake with lots of simple carbohydrates, creatine, glutamine and other amino acids. Here arginine significantly increases the storage of the named nutrients, which is a clear advantage both during a diet and a bulky phase. The more nutrients are absorbed by the muscles and other stores, the faster they regenerate from intensive training and the faster you grow.

AAKG arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate for a strong potency

AAKG Arginine-Alpha-Keto-Glutarate

Arginine also seems to be very promising for erectile dysfunction (impotence). As you may know, the well-known drug "Viagra" works by increasing nitric oxide production and increased blood flow in the genital area, among other things. You have probably guessed it: Arginine is also capable of this. For this reason, arginine is also found frequently Used in a variety of natural "Viagra" alternatives. If you have mild erectile dysfunction, you can give arginine or AAAKG a test run.

AAKG Arginine-Alpha-Keto-Glutarate Dosage

Finally we come to the question of the optimal dosage. Various supplement manufacturers recommend taking 3-12 g AAKG per day, divided into several smaller doses. If you only use AAAKG to improve your feeling of pumping during training or for erectile dysfunction, take 3 g with a glass of water before the planned activity. If you are aiming for a pump that lasts all day, split up to 12 g into 3-4 single doses, which should also be done on an empty stomach with a glass of water. However, as already mentioned, you should keep your distance from increased expectations, as AAKG is simply useless for this purpose. Overdosing is rare, but it can result in diarrhea and drowsiness. You can get a variety of different AAKG preparations in our bodybuilding shop.

AAKG conclusion

Use AKKG to improve the pumping effect during exercise or nutrient storage afterwards. You can also think about an application if you suffer from erectile dysfunction frequently. However, if you intend to run around pumped up all day, then better leave AAKG supplements on the shelf, as this will have the same effect? only with the small difference that your wallet is still full.