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Diet Plans

Diet Plans

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  Part 4: "eating patterns"   After a short time on the net you will find a handful of different eating patterns, where one is supposed to be better than the

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  Part 3: " Meal- timing"   Often we hear again and again that fitness and bodybuilding newbies think the body need at the end of the day a certain number of

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  Part 2 : Body Types       Body types describe our appearance , our stature , metabolism and behavior to food as well as various training

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  Step 1 : Macro nutrients and calories   Everyone knows carbohydrates ( carbs ) , protein ( protein ) and fats ( Fats ), and many know the calories in a diet plan

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    Your own diet plan in 5 steps!   For the diligent support of our fans and readers on Facebook, we have planned  something special for you. We want

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20 Tips for an optimal and healthy diet   Training and muscle building are really fun if you can see the results faster and you support the diet in redefining your body. The
Total entries: 6